boston boogie
Come see @mattlauzon in action tonight @minibarboston at 7pm. Photo courtesy of @sliggity @BostInno #startupdrinks

Come see @mattlauzon in action tonight @minibarboston at 7pm. Photo courtesy of @sliggity @BostInno #startupdrinks

What’s happening tonight Boston? #boogiedown to this version of a stevie classic.

Boogie rewind w DJ @KON1200 by @mindlessphotos. Thanks HubSpot, SVB, McCarter & English, Fresh Tilled Soil, T3 Advisors & Cooley!

Sponsor Shoutout!  Thanks HubSpot, SVB, Fresh Tilled Soil, McCarter & English LLP, T3 Advisors and Cooley LLP!

Kinvey takes a boogie break!

A recap of the best bostonboogiers!

Vijay - Boston’s CAT DADDY!

Sooooooo, huh? Basically, the Boston Boogie is this really cool movement to get people to break out into seizure like dance moves at any moment deemed inappropriate. This, my aspiring bosses, is bossy. Want to prove you don’t give a nutsack? Grab your friend, assistant, mom, dog, whatever and make them record your Boogie in the supermarket or at a red light or something.

At Cooley, our legal skills are better than our dance skills. We are committed to entrepreneurs and new ventures like no other firm. We have built our firm around the needs of emerging companies, so we have specialists to handle just about anything that comes up. And we know what will come up, because this is what we have been doing every day for longer than anyone else – unlike dancing.

Building a startup is risky business; @danielomcguire's got the right moves for the job!  

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